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Music continues to be a universal language that allows us to relate to one another without any language or cultural barrier. It provides the world with a medium for creativity, expression and innovation.

Rumors of fame and money often surround the music industry. But most musicians are struggling to make ends meet, while only a few have gotten lucky. There are a myriad of roadblocks in the industry that hold musicians back and force them to compromise on their talent for monetary gain.

Major record labels continue their reign over the industry, controlling musicians, copyright and profits generated by the musicians themselves. This serves as a deterrence to many aspiring musicians around the world. However, as the digital age grows, we are seeing a shift in the way this industry works. This is where MUSETTE LIVE comes in.

Symbolised by two musical notes, our aim for MUSETTE LIVE is to be the stage for the world’s most talented musicians to share their love for cultivated music.

MUSETTE LIVE is powered by NFTMUSIC.AI, a groundbreaking music ecosystem created to help musicians and creators share and trade their digital content with minimal hassle, while gaining proper compensation for their work.

By providing opportunities to musicians around the world to connect with their fans and showcase their talents with livestreams and short videos, we are creating an avenue for the underserved market of independent musicians to connect to a community.

We want to serve as a connection between listeners and content creators in hopes of inspiring a new generation of musicians; nurtured in an environment that encourages creativity, culture, values, discipline and greatness. We want to bring together all music enthusiasts where they can connect and share their passion.