Perform, Showcase & Earn

Get ready to take center stage. MUSETTE LIVE lets you perform, showcase your talent, and earn money while doing what you love!


Go live with a tap
of your finger

Go live in seconds to share your talent and passion with audiences from all over the world.

You can even schedule your stream in advance so your followers won’t miss a thing! Your fans will be notified when you go on air, so they can tune in on time to show their support.

concert hall

Your own digital concert hall. We give you a space to showcase your musical talents and shine in a way you never thought possible. You can either perform in real-time or upload your creations and share them with the world.

Every culture in the world has a unique music repertoire, including an indigenous music tradition that reflects its unique language, customs and beliefs. From Traditional Chinese Music to Australian Aboriginal Music, this is the digital concert hall where every culture can come together to share its music.

Get back
creative control

Push your creative boundaries. You have the power to create music that is honest and genuine — no more compromising your vision because someone else owns the platform.

Create original, offbeat content that captures the attention of your audience and resonates with their values.


Upload your
music creations

Maybe you don’t like to perform live, but love sharing your music. We understand that. You can still make your music content available by uploading it to MUSETTE LIVE. Your followers can still listen to your music and connect with you.


Build a strong

Livestreaming on MUSETTE LIVE allows you to engage with your audiences on a whole new level.

You can chat and interact with them in real time directly, building a stronger connection with them and helping them feel like they are an important part of your music career.

You will be able to attract the right pool of audience who truly enjoy your music creations.

Create an additional
income stream

During your livestreaming, you can receive virtual gifts such as cute emoticons and gestures, which you can then convert to real cash.

By building your following through streaming regularly, you will be able to reach more people, generate a larger audience and develop a unique brand for yourself.

The more people who love your content, the more stickers and earnings you can receive!